Let’s Count the Number of Times I Cried (and had feels) in Catching Fire

28 Nov

Note: There are MANY gifs in this post of various sizes (is it so hard to make gifs a universal size? yes?) None of these images are mine. They are all from Tumblr.

Note x 2: This post will take you approximately 6 minutes to read. I’m sorry in advance. I hope you are up for the challenge.


On Sunday, I talked Catching Fire in a non-spoilery fashion. Do you guys realize HOW hard that was?

Tonight, we talk EVERYTHING Catching Fire – including the best scenes and the best spoilers. Which means – if you HAVEN’T seen Catching Fire and DON’T want to be spoiled: STOP NOW! You’ve been warned.

Now. Shall we?

Let’s Count the Number of Times I Cried (and had feels) in Catching Fire

1. The Lionsgate Logo: Let’s just be serious here for a minute. We’re talking about the girl that used to cry when the word Titanic came on the screen all 14 times I saw it in theatres back in 1997/1998. If you think for two seconds that I don’t get all misty eyed over the Lionsgate logo – think again. (sob count +5)

2. Victor’s Village: It’s a depressing village — so large and promising yet so dark and quiet with only three victors to remind us that the odds have never been in District 12′s favor. (sob count +5)


3. Cameras in 10!: I made it very clear in my non-spoiler post about how much I love Katniss + Peeta in Catching Fire. Everything that only felt lukewarm in Hunger Games between them is now hot-to-touch in Catching Fire. Of course, it doesn’t start out that way.When we first see Katniss and Peeta in the Victor’s Village – it’s cold, it’s icy, and Haymitch says what we’re all thinking. This is not what love looks like. Because Peeta looks sad, sob count goes up. (sob count +5)

Notice I didn’t mention the Gale and Katniss kiss minutes earlier? #teamPeeta (threw up in my mouth +20)

4. Icy Kisses: When Peeta and Katniss meet outside in front of the cameras and slip — my heart does a serious backflip.  It’s endearing and they look SO good together. (heart palpitations +10)


5. District 11: There are many things that hurt for me in District 11, the obvious being that it is Rue’s district. I am still not over Rue. I love that Peeta offers to do the talking: it speaks volumes of what he will do for Katniss (anything) but that he knows he’s limited in how he can, in fact, protect her. He’s not bringing the muscle but he’s willing to do the heavy lifting by speaking for her in the hardest district. (Sob count +5) 

But when Katniss chooses to speak and they show Rue’s family and her mother crying and Rue’s theme is playing – I am GONE.  (sob count +15)


And then crowd lifts their hands to salute? Sobs. (sob count +20)


And when they drag the old man to his knees before dragging a screaming, hysterical Katniss away? (sob count +30)


6. The Capitol: When Katniss and Peeta visit the Capitol, all kinds of exciting things happen.

They’ve just announced their engagement – can we take a moment to talk about how sad Peeta looked when he walks away after Katniss made that decision? Because heart strings. (sob count +5) 

We get Horns of Plenty playing (which was one of my favorite upbeat themes from THG). (fangirl fist pumps +5)

We hear Effie say “Mahogany!” before being distracted by “Curtains!” (fangirl fist pumps +10)

We meet Plutarch Heavensbee for the first time. Who is just perfect thanks to Philip Seymour Hoffman.  (fangirl fist pumps +15)

Plutarch brings up Seneca Crane. RIP Seneca’s White Pants. (heart palpitations thinking of Seneca in his white pants +10)

We also get an adorable moment where Peeta asks Katniss to dance for at least 20 seconds before he’s interrupted by Plutarch. It’s yet another perfect Peeta + Katniss moment. (heart palpitations +10)

7. Gale Whines in District 12: Big surprise.  (threw up in mouth +10)

8. Raiding of the Hob: It hurts. To Watch. (sob count +5)

9. Peacekeepers, Flogging, Executions, Gale: #teamPeeta (threw up in mouth +20)

Moving on.

10. The Quarter Quell: The expression changing on Katniss’ face when they announce the rules of the Quarter Quell? THIS IS WHY SHE HAS AN OSCAR. The minute her mother starts to scream and she runs into the woods? When they flash to Peeta’s look of shock and panic. Haymitch pitching his glass at the wall.


I LOSE IT. (sob count +50)

That scene could not have been shot more perfectly. Kudos Francis Lawrence.

11. You Don’t Deserve Him: I mean, I’m still crying from the Quart Quell announcement at this point but when Haymitch states the obvious?

tumblr_mwqfudayeP1rqvq2wo2_1280Things just get worse. (sob count +15) 

12. The Reaping: Let’s let just call it what it is. All the tears. (sob count +25)

From the look on Effie’s face when she calls Katniss’ name to her relief when she announces Haymitch, only for Peeta to volunteer. This scene is so brief in comparison to the reaping in THG yet packs a powerful punch that leaves you breathless.

Katniss and Peeta’s united front, deja vu from only a year earlier, is gut wrenching.

tumblr_mwqyfjXZd31rmazibo1_50013. Gold: On the train following the Reaping, when Effie announces to Katniss, “You have your gold pin. I have my hair.” you get a brief moment of tragic comedic relief (fangirl fist pump +10) before she takes Katniss and Haymitch’s hand and gets all teary. (sob count +10)

14. The Tribute Parade As I mentioned above, Horn of Plenty was one of my favorite themes from THG when it played at the Tribute Parade. It was even MORE powerful in Catching Fire as they road into the Capitol (hello IMAX camera shots) on their chariots in their bad-ass fire attire. (fangirl fist pump +25) 

We also meet Finnick and his sugar cubes for the first time. And Katniss delivers the line we’ve all been thinking since the first trailer was released and we were all Finnick WTF: “I may need to borrow that outfit sometime.” (not exact quote, but I tried) (fangirl fist pump + 15 and heart palpitations +5 because, Finnick)

 It’s ok Finnick, because you’re hot

15. Everyone Wants to Sleep With You: This face, this face is clearly the face of Jennifer Lawrence and it is sheer perfection. (fangirl fist pumps +25) 

16. Everything Mags: It hurts. Because you know how it’s going to end. (sob count +10)


17. The Wedding Dress: Hands down, Effie killed me in this scene the most.

I mean, the dress was stunning. And I would have loved a Peeta + Katniss wedding. But her big moment on stage was just as perfect. The minute she twirls in her dress, only for it to turn into the most majestic mockingjay on stage? Dead. The music choice, again, does it for me. (sob count +20) 

18. The Baby: Ok here’s where I get ranty. One of my only problems with the movie was the storyline around “the baby.”

I LOVE the scene where Peeta drops the baby bomb. It follows Johanna’s F@ck You! perfectly and his face, paired with Haymitch’s face? Golden. (fangirl fist pump +50)

What I was sad about, was that it was never brought up again. I need to re-read, so I may be wrong, but I thought for sure they made a little (not a lot) reference to protecting Katniss and “the baby” when in the arena. Which would have been cute to see. And likely warranted points in the sob count.

That said – when Katniss and Peeta spent the evening before the games in bed together and she made him promise that it would be only them together in the arena, I couldn’t help but think: “You should take this opportunity to make that baby… Just sayin.” While also having my heart simultaneously beat out of my chest and break. (heart palpitations +15)

tumblr_mww8f9YW9A1qcc7iao1_500 #priorities you guys.

 19. United We Stand: By the time the tributes are all holding hands on stage – vision is blurry. (sob count + 15)


20. Tokens: When the time came for Effie to distribute her tokens to Haymitch and Peeta the night before the games, as well as say her goodbyes, including a shaky “You both deserved so much more than this” how could there be a dry eye in the theatre? (sob count +25)

21. Cinna: Katniss says her final goodbye to Cinna and we see him beaten and dragged away, minutes before she’s shot up into the arena. (sob count +10)

22. The Arena: One of my FAVORITE things about THG and Catching Fire is that the minute they go into the arena, it’s like a WHOLE other movie is starting. I bounce in my seat. I get nervous and anxious and excited. I am READY. (fangirl fist pump +100)

This arena was perfect. (fangirl fist pump +25)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I love that you’re attached to multiple tributes in Catching Fire.

And between the deaths of Wiress… (sob count +5) 

Mags walking willingly into the fog as Finnick screams (we scream too, let’s be honest)… (sob count +10)

And the Morphling in Peeta’s arms as he urges her to keep her eyes on the sunrise… (sob count +10)

We’re all a mess.

23. Poisonous Fog: Oh yeah. Let’s talk about that fog. (anxiety +100)

The fog scene was WAY harder to watch for me than the Tracker Jacker scene in THG which I left the theatre for (bathroom break) every time after the first during THG. Just like I’m now convinced all North American hornets are tracker jackers – fog is now poisonous. Thanks for that.

24. The Force Field: Do you remember Jurassic Park? And how upset as children (if you were my age in the 90′s) we were when Timmy was shot off the electric fence and almost died? That trauma has officially been replaced by the imagery of Peeta getting thrown from the force field and Katniss going hysterical. (anxiety +100)


Her love for Peeta is everything. (heart palpitations +100 and sob count +100)

And as Kate (who has endured many caps lock text conversations about CF and Peeta/Katniss in the past week) mentioned in her #mustread Catching Fire post – the way that Finnick looks at Katniss after Peeta has been revived says it all. (sob count +10)

 25. I Need You: Whenever you’re faced with a love triangle in a movie, you always want your OTP to have the most epic kiss of all. Considering Gale got WAY more kisses than he deserved in this movie, us Team Peeta folk were very happy to see the best kiss of the series yet take place on the beach after Peeta admits “nobody needs me” before Katniss quickly reminds him “I do, I need you” and we all collectively die. (heart palpitations +250) 


26. Lightning: Let’s face it. I’m a hot mess after their goodbye under the midnight tree because I know what happens in Mockingjay and I’m not ready for that movie at all. Except November 2014 you can hurry up because I’m only half-serious.

But really – the last ten minutes combined with the perfect score, the ultimate special effects (arrow meet force field) – it was one big fangirl ending explosion. (fan girl fist pump +250)

27. You are the Mockingjay: The moment those words leave Plutarch’s mouth: fist pump. But when she discovers that the Capitol has Peeta and she screams “you son of a bitch” at Haymitch before he tranquilizes her to the floor, my heart hurts again. (sob count +10)

When she wakes up in District 13 to Gale (threw up in mouth +50), who tells her there is no District 12. (sob count +100) 

So there you have it folks. In case you were actually keeping score:

  1. Sob Counts: +520
  2. Fangirl Fist Pumps: +530 
  3. Threw Up In My Mouth aka Gale: +100
  4. Heart Palpitations: +400
  5. Anxiety: +200

Based on these numbers – that about sums up all three of my Catching Fire experiences.

A sobbing, fist pumping, heart beating out of my chest, anxious fangirl with the occasional “I think I just threw up in my mouth” moment over Gale.

So how about you? You know, if you’ve made it this far.

Let me know in the comments below and as always – THANK YOU for coming to this silly blog and loving it the way I do.

x C x

A/N: Mad thanks for Kate for all the Catching Fire caps lock text conversations, who got me through the past week of writing this post and for always sending the right gifs and fic. Seriously. I love you like Finnick loves his sugar cubes xo

4 Responses to “Let’s Count the Number of Times I Cried (and had feels) in Catching Fire”

  1. Jennifer November 29, 2013 at 11:15 am #

    Friggin’ Gale. I mean really Team Gale, did you even read Mockingjay?? For serious.
    Times I cried reading this post: 2 – Mags and Cinna. Heart-stopping moments reading this post: s – the clock and the kiss.

  2. Victoria (@concretefluff) December 1, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    I’m Team Peeta but…. I can’t get over how short Josh is and how tall Peeta is supposed to be. Oh well. I think this movie was so perfectly done. I adore all the things you adore, sob over all the same things (but didn’t throw up over Gale kisses because hello, HOT). And yeah they really should have practiced making that baby. How they sleep together and only “sleep” my hormones will never understand. lol

    • crystalrichard December 1, 2013 at 10:14 pm #

      I know. The short thing bothers me. But they do a good job of masking it in the movie but then coupled with the fact that Peeta is always injured – it doesn’t help matters.

      And yes. Self-restraint is not a term I am familiar with and if I was going into an arena expecting to die, I would certainly not be laying there talking about the weather. Pfft. Kids these days.


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