Let’s Count the Number of Times I Cried in Catching Fire – And Not Talk About Them (no spoilers)

24 Nov

Note: This review has ZERO spoilers. I will post a spoilery review entitled “Let’s Count the Number of Times I Cried in Catching Fire – And Talk About Them All” later this week. 


We need to talk about  Catching Fire.

But then I realize that not everyone has seen it yet. But I really want to talk about it. So I’ve accepted that in order to do so and make everyone happy, I need to either go non-spoilery or write two separate posts: one where I completely and utterly talk ALL spoilers. And we cry, laugh, cry, smile, cry together.

I pretty much cried through this entire movie, so there’s that.

tumblr_mwqvst2A3w1smemfdo1_500 #accurate

So here goes nothing – this is your NO SPOILERS ALLOWED Catching Fire post. Stay tuned for the SPOIL ALL THE THINGS post (and prepare to do a lot of reading – I have my thoughts).

Let me start by saying – I had MASSIVE expectations for this movie. I was madly in love with the first movie (saw it five times in theatres #normal) and was already a true member of Team Peeta. I have never liked Gale. I don’t like Liam Hemsworth. Team Peeta 100% (more on that here, if you’re curious). My point is – I was SO ready for this movie.

To quote my friend CC - Catching Fire took my expectations and blew them right out of the f$%king arena. 

As you will all see when you read my spoilers post (which I hope you come back and do if you haven’t seen the movie yet) – I have something to say about literally almost every scene in this movie. I took some serious notes when I got home from the theatre Thursday night.

1470156_10100284621968039_1887438072_n Proof.

So to keep from spoiling everyone – let’s do this:

5 Reasons Why You’ve Just Got To Go See Catching Fire

1. Your Big Budget is Showing: An It’s Marvellous

Catching Fire is visually STUNNING.

 THIS scene.

I mean, Hunger Games was visually stunning. To this day, some of the scenes in the Capitol and in the Arena are just woah. But backed with an even bigger budget this time around, including some scenes in the Capitol being shot with an IMAX camera: this movie is a visual orgasm.

Which is amazing, because as a die-hard fan of the Twilight Saga, one of my biggest complaints about the series as a whole is that, despite a bigger budget on each movie – the CGI just kept getting worse. This is not the case with Catching Fire. And I’m beyond thankful for it.

2. Jennifer Lawrence Being Jennifer Lawrence

We all love Jennifer Lawrence. I’ve honestly never met anyone who doesn’t like Jennifer Lawrence.

And while you’re obviously going to get two and a half hours of Jennifer playing Katniss – there are two scenes in particular  where you get Jennifer and her facial expressions. Which if you have been living under a rock – are epic.

3. Plutarch, Finnick, Johanna, Mags

This movie means the addition of  AMAZING new cast members.

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee is PERFECTION. I mean, he is the ultimate Game Maker, which is a huge endorsement coming from me because I loved Seneca Crane and his white pants in the first one.

Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair is sweet, endearing, and sexy. Ladies you are in for a treat. Jenna Malone as Johanna Mason is spot-on and hilarious. After Jennifer, she provides some of the best comedic relief. Mags is as sweet and heartbreaking as she was in the book.


In the first movie, the only tribute other than Katniss and Peeta that you feel anything for is Rue but what I love about Catching Fire is that you get more tributes in the arena to care about, worry about, and cry over. Because crying is fun.

4. Katniss, Katniss, Katniss

Here’s the thing about Katniss. She isn’t suppose to be likeable. I love what one of my favorite book bloggers, Alison Doherty of Hardcovers and Heroines said about Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss in her Catching Fire review, “She is so good at making you root for Katniss while understanding she’s not a likable person.”

She is going to make you mad in this movie. You are going to feel like Effie all the time, thinking in her your head “SMILE already” “Look more in love!” “STOP BREAKING PEETA’S HEART”  but that’s Katniss. And in this movie in particular, you really see Jennifer shine as Katniss and make you love her and want to strangle her so well.

And lastly, for all the fangirls.

5. Introducing Peeta’s JAW. 

I was always Team Peeta when reading the books. As I’ve mentioned, I do not like Gale. He’s whiney and annoying. Especially in Catching Fire. One of the hardest things for me in the Hunger Games, was getting excited about the Katniss and Peeta relationship. Mostly because Josh Hutcherson was just a kid. That cave kiss? Cute. Not hot. But I was still Team Peeta through and through. They are my OTP. (One true pairing for those of you scratching your head).

Well, Catching Fire could also be called: When Peeta Mellark Became a MAN

Ladies. Josh Hutcherson is finally eye candy in this movie. I don’t know if it’s because he’s older or the hair (probably) but I found myself leaning over to my midnight movie viewing partner in crime Mel, and whispering: “WHERE did that jaw come from?”

 I can’t go on ignoring your jaw. Congratulations.

In this movie, even the Team Gale fans are falling for Peeta. And it’s perfect. It also strengthens your frustration with Katniss for not seeing how much this boy loves her but then breaks your heart and puts it through a blender whenever Peeta is in danger and Katniss goes into “I can’t live without you mode.” Which is a lot, because it’s Peeta we’re talking about.

 ALL the time.

Trust me. You will be all about Peeta by the end of this movie.

So all in all – you are in for an amazing cinematic treat. If you cry easily – prepare to be a hot, hot mess. Because I honestly cry through more of this movie than not.

AND after you’ve seen the movie, please come back and check out the spoiler review and let’s talk about it. Ok? Ok.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

x C x

A/N: This took me A LOT longer to write than I imagined. Ok, let’s be honest, it’s because I got lost in the land of #CatchingFireGifs on Tumblr. But for now, there is this review! The spoilery, detailed, ALL THE THINGS review to come this week. Possibly after another viewing Tuesday night. x

5 Responses to “Let’s Count the Number of Times I Cried in Catching Fire – And Not Talk About Them (no spoilers)”

  1. Jennifer November 25, 2013 at 8:35 am #

    Yowza Peeta! I’m with you on that jaw.
    So one question – is it true to the book or no? I heard some nasty rumours…or is that a spoiler??

    • crystalrichard November 25, 2013 at 8:56 am #

      Jenn inbox me on FB and let me know what rumors you heard! I shall dispel! ;)

      And yes. Peeta’s jaw. Hello.

  2. Jess (@JessWink22) November 25, 2013 at 9:53 am #

    Still need to read the books, but WOAH amazing movie. Brother and I went Friday afternoon and were both blown away. I’m so on the fence about Gale and Peeta. I know who she ends up with, so my team in futile (like being a Team Jacob fan in Twi).

    It makes me so happy when a series like this is taken care of by the studio. Like you said, as a Twilight fan, we’ve seen what bigger budgets sometimes do to a movie. In a way, it makes me sad that more care wasn’t taken with Twilight.

    And yes, there was one scene in particular that I was like, “that is such a Jennifer face!”

  3. catskillblogger November 25, 2013 at 1:59 pm #

    I probably won’t get a chance to see this in theater. Mostly because the idea of driving 45 minutes to the theater in Christmas traffic is just not my idea of a good time. I enjoyed the books and may reread them instead.


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